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November 19 Downtown Bismarck News

Hospitality Economic Resiliency Grant Applications Open Nov. 20! “The Legislative Emergency Commission and the Legislative Budget Committee has approved the Hospitality Economic Resiliency Grant (HERG).  This funding will go to businesses within the hospitality industry and be REIMBURSED based on RECEIPTS for operational costs.   Up to 25k in reimbursement for businesses with one location. This includes restaurants, bars, breweries, cafes and similar on-site dining establishments.  Additionally, the HERG will also focus… Read more →

November 5 Downtown Bismarck News

NEW Round ERG Grants Round two of the Emergency Resiliency Grant (ERG), Hospitality ERG, will focus on reimbursing businesses in the hospitality sector that were closed on March 13, 2020, as a result of Executive Order 2020-06, including all restaurants, bars, breweries, cafes and similar on-site dining establishments. The Hospitality ERG will be used to reimburse businesses for costs in operations,… Read more →

October 8 Downtown Bismarck News

“Prince Hotel” Rehabilitation Former Prince Hotel has a new owner and new plans. Applicant, Transitions Florida, LLC (Rolf Eggers) is requesting approval of a Rehabilitation Renaissance Zone project for the 114 North 3rd Street building. Transitions Florida, LLC is proposing a $780,000 investment.  Some of the proposed plans include: installation of new storefronts and windows on ground floor for commercial occupancy, electrical and heating system… Read more →

October 22 Downtown Bismarck News

Groundbreaking for 630 Main Denizen Partners broke ground last Tuesday, October 13  for the 630 Main project, a $9.8 million dollar 3-story mixed-use building with 52 residential units and small- scaled ground floor retail space. “Downtown Business Association CEO Dawn Kopp said a project like this has been wanted for decades. She described the building as filling in the “missing tooth” of downtown.… Read more →