Downtown Bismarck Community Foundation

The purpose of the Downtown Bismarck Community Foundation 501c3 is to advance the mission of and be responsive to the needs and demands of the Downtown Business Association of Bismarck as well as act as a fiscal assistant to support revitalization of Downtown Bismarck in the form of innovative and progressive programs and projects.

To make a charitable contribution to the Downtown Bismarck Community Foundation in support of Downtown Bismarck revitalization, or to get involved, contact Kate Herzog at 701-223-1958.

Downtown Council (Partnership Program)

Landon Wutzke – Bravera Bank

Cody Schoonover- Basin Electric Power Cooperative

David Witham- Denizen Partners

Joel Kostelecky- First Western Bank & Trust

Barry Schumaier- KFYR-TV

Larry Oswald- Montana-Dakota Utilities Company 

Cole Johnson- Sanford Health 

Rich Slagle- McGough Construction