There are a number of ways to park in Downtown Bismarck to get you to your destination: on-street parking, parking ramps, and off-street parking.

Parking Ramps: The City of Bismarck Parking Authority manages four city-owned parking ramps, and two surface parking lots.  Combined these parking facilities hold nearly 1,800 parking stalls.  Those working Downtown may rent monthly spaces, visitors to the Downtown may park daily at $1.50/hour or a maximum of $8/day. Complimentary parking is provided in the 3rd & Main Ramp from 4pm-2am daily, and the 3rd & Rosser surface lot after 5:30pm daily.  Ask businesses if they validate customer parking in the ramps or use “Park Smart”. For more information on the ramps, rates, and their locations click here: 

On-Street Parking:  The City of Bismarck has a number of locations in Downtown Bismarck with on-street parking.  The majority of the Downtown Core is 90 Minute Parking, there are also loading zones, short term parking areas, and non-timed locations.  90 minute parking is generally enforced Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm.  Obey the sign posts to make sure you’re in compliance with times, restrictions, and reparking ordinances.

For a complete map of parking zones and times in Downtown Bismarck, visit the City of Bismarck’s GIS/Map Gallery and select “Downtown Parking Zones”.

Off-Street Parking: A number of privately-owned and managed parking lots are located in Downtown Bismarck.  Many of these are associated with private businesses.  Unless otherwise posted, these lots are for private use or customers of the particular businesses.  Always obey the posted signage as many of these private lots may tow unauthorized users.

Bike Parking: Click to see a crowd sourced map of bike racks in Downtown and the wider community.

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Mobile Parking App Survey: The City of Bismarck is considering adding a mobile app for their parking ramp users as a more convenient way to pay for and access the Downtown Bismarck parking ramps. If you are use the downtown parking ramps, please take five minutes to answer a quick survey on the addition of a mobile parking app. Survey available until Friday, April 26th

Survey Link