Walk Downtown


Walk [Your City] helps you boost your community’s walkability, linking informational street signs for people with web-based campaign management and data collection to complement traditional approaches to wayfinding.

Walk [Your City]: Downtown Bismarck
Walk [Your City]: Downtown Bismarck is a partnership between GO! Bismarck Mandan and the Downtowners Association to create, install, and monitor a Walk [Your City] campaign in Downtown Bismarck. Walk [Your City] has campaigns in numerous cities, neighborhoods, and districts giving pedestrians and bicyclists wayfinding signage, as well as estimated times to points of interest and unique destinations.

First round of 10 Walk [Your City]: Downtown Bismarck wayfinding signs will be installed 3/31/17, with an additional 10 signs in the coming weeks.

Walk [Your City] is a low cost initiative to provide wayfinding to points of interest, encouraging walking and biking in neighborhoods. There could be many other opportunities to expand Walk [Your City] in the Bismarck-Mandan area. Engaging the proper community group partnerships would be needed to expand the Walk [Your City] in other areas. For example, Bismarck Parks & Recreation could be approached to implement a Walk [Your City] campaign near the Missouri River—Walk/Bike [Bismarck Riverfront].

For more information contact the Downtowners, Go! Bismarck Mandan or visit Walk Your City.  This is a privately funded project.

Find the Downtowners 2016-2017 Walking Map here.