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January 28 Downtown Bismarck News

HERG Round 2 – Hospitality Economic Resiliency Grant Hospitality ERG (HERG Round 2), which will focus on businesses in the hospitality sector that were closed on March 13, 2020, as a result of Executive Order 2020-06, including restaurants, bars, breweries, cafes and similar on-site dining establishments. Due to the continuing need of assistance, the Hospitality ERG will focus on hospitality… Read more →

January 14 Downtown Bismarck News

2021 Street Fair Applications Available! Apply Online for 48th Downtowners Street Fair! Apply and complete your entire application online, including payment and a confirmation with all your application information in one place!  Click below to get started! Early-bird Pricing Ends April 26, 2021! Did you apply for the Downtowners Street Fair in 2020 and due to COVID-19 transfer your application… Read more →

December 31 Downtown Bismarck News

  Downtown Bismarck Year in Review (Infrastructure Edition) 2020 has been unusual to say the least. We wanted to highlight some of the positives of the 2020 year by highlighting just a few upcoming construction and renovation projects throughout the downtown area.   Downtown Bismarck 2021, here we go!Patterson Place: Schuett Companies, Inc is in process of the rehabilitation of the Patterson Place- replacement of storefronts… Read more →

December 17 Downtown Bismarck News

HERG+ Applications Close Dec.18! The Hospitality ERG PLUS will focus on businesses in the lodging sector. Many of these businesses continue to suffer from the continued impact of the 2019-nCov/COVID-19 (COVID-19) pandemic. Hospitality ERG PLUS funds will be used to reimburse eligible entities for costs in operations, such as payroll, rent, utilities and other expenses that comply with federal guidelines.  Payroll taxes and other… Read more →

December 3 Downtown Bismarck News

HERG Applications Close Dec. 4! Hospitality Economic Resiliency Grant Applications close (TOMORROW) Friday, December 4. This funding will go to businesses within the hospitality industry and be REIMBURSED based on RECEIPTS for operational costs. This includes restaurants, bars, breweries, cafes and similar on-site dining establishments.  Additionally, the HERG will also focus on businesses affected by the closures such as theaters, music and entertainment venues, and professional production… Read more →