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October 19, 2012

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Many New Businesses Opening Thru End of 2012

They’re coming…!

Over the last few years, we’ve seen immense growth in our Downtown.  New businesses, new construction, increased sales, and revitalization; Downtowns are in demand.  A wave of new businesses will be coming to our city center through the end of the year.  Each new establishment is bringing something new to add to the fabric of Bismarck’s oldest neighborhood.  Here are just some of the great new experiences coming to Downtown Bismarck.

Lucky Ducks Deli & Catering: Russell and Heather Kadlec opened Lucky Ducks on October 15 in the former Space Aliens BBQ Pit location on 3rd St.  Lucky Ducks serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as catering and some delivery.  The Kadlecs renovated the space making it brighter and used warm colors.  And yes, they do serve some duck specialties.

Kittson & 3rd: This boutique opened its doors in Grand Forks almost one year ago and they’re expanding to Downtown Bismarck.  Look for Kittson & 3rd to be open on 4th St in the former Downtown Furniture space by the end of October.

Laughing Sun Brewing: Bismarck’s first brewpub will be opening at the beginning of November on 5th St in the former Latitudes Gallery space.  Mike and Todd are brewing their own beer on site, including new seasonal brews throughout the year. They’ll have inside seating with a small food selection; but this is all about the beer and atmosphere.

Fire Flour Pizza: Just a few doors up from Laughing Sun Brewpub, Fire Flour Pizza will be fire roasting pizzas.  Kenny and Kendra Howard have brought the food truck mentality inside.  Do one thing, and do it exceptionally well.  Their Neapolitan pizzas start with handcrafted dough, fresh mozzarella, homemade sausage, cured meats, fresh oils and light sauce.  All cooked in a specially crafted brick oven made for them in Italy.  Look for Fire Flour Pizza to be open on 5th St in November.

JL Beers: This Fargo based beer and burger restaurant has been busy working on their building on 3rd St all summer.  The concept of their restaurants is small seating, phenomenal burgers, fresh cut fries, and loads of tap beers.  Look for this eastern ND favorite to be open in November.

Action Jackson Comics:  Located inside the Barrister Bldg on 4th and Main Ave, Action Jackson Comics is looking to open their doors in November as well.  Offering comic books, vintage movie posters, collectibles, and quirky retail buys, Action Jackson is not just for collectors, they’ll offer unique gift and events for everyone.

This is just a taste of what we’ll see coming in to Downtown Bismarck in the future.  Look for new retail on Broadway in the former Urban Girl space as well as new construction projects to wrap up in 2013 with more restaurants, retail, and commercial offices.  These businesses join the ranks of the phenomenal establishments that already operate in our historic city center.  It’s taken the work of many over countless years to start this revitalization of Downtown Bismarck.  Welcome to the neighborhood!  You can find all of these businesses on Facebook for more information.


2nd Annual ND Downtown Conference

It was a great success!  Downtown Stakeholders from all across ND and the region gathered in Downtown Bismarck Oct 16-17 to learn about Downtown revitalization topics.  Special thanks to our sponsors and supporters of the conference: Sam’s Club, Kadrmas Lee & Jackson, JLG Architects, EAPC Architects & Engineers, Ulteig Engineers, Peacock Alley and Dakota Stage Theater, Northern Lights Display.  We could not put this conference on without their support.  Also a thank you to our presenters: Linda McCarthy- Missoula Downtown Association, Dan Senftner- Destination Rapid City, Tony Knauer- Transit & Parking City of Rochester MN, and Brad Schafer- Schafer Richardson Development MN (Urban Housing).  We learned a lot and are brimming with ideas!  Thank you to all of the attendees!


Downtown Updates

— At the September 25 Bismarck City Commission meeting, the city determined that the CORE Programs used for Downtown revitalization, can now be used again.  What does this mean?  Property and business owners can once again apply for the CORE Façade & Signage Grant for their property.  Owners or developers looking to create housing in Downtown Bismarck can apply for the Housing Incentive Grant.  There are also grants for Sidewalk Subsurface Infill and a Technical Assistance Bank.  Please contactBismarck’s Downtown Planner Jason Tomanek for more information.

— Local business Edwinton Brewery has launched their local beer at the Peacock Alley in Downtown Bismarck, stop in for a pint!

Bismarck Civic Center Expansion will be going to a public vote on Nov 6.  The Downtowners urge your support for this project to continue the growth of our community and Downtown.  This expansion would be paid for with a new Visitor’s Tax and NOT with a property tax increase.  The visitor’s tax would be on hotel rooms and a small increase to liquor tax.  The expansion would bring millions of new dollars into our community each year by hosting these conference and conventions, we’d love your support on Nov 6, vote yes.  For more details on the proposed expansion, visit http://epicenterproject.org/.

— The Bismarck Parking Authority is offering free evening parking in the 3rd and Main Ramp from 4pm to 2am daily through the end of the year.  With all the new activity and nightlife in Downtown Bismarck, the ramps will allow the public to enjoy the city center and not have to look for street parking.

How the After Hour Complementary Parking Works: Use the entrance to the 3rd & Main Ramp on 3rd Street.  Pull into the ramp and pull a time stamped ticket.  The arm will raise and allow the car through to park.  When exiting the ramp, simply use the hourly lane and deposit your ticket in the slot, the arm will already be raised to allow the cars to exit. There is no leeway on timing.  If you enter at 3:59pm or exit at 2:01am, the customer will be charged the normal hourly rate. 


Upcoming events

What’s Shakin Downtown…


Thru October 21

Dakota Stage Presents

Jekyll & Hyde



Oct 20

Bis-Man Symphony Presents

Brahm’s First



Thru Oct 27

BAGA Presents

Fall Art Show



Nov 2

Dakota Stage Presents

Comedy Night



Downtowners’ Association News

Organization and member news …

Welcome to our Newest Member!

The Scarlet Gypsy Traveling Boutique

You can find all of our member’s information at: www.downtownbismarck.com

Member BDAC (Bismarck Downtown Artists Co-op) is hosting Freaky Friday’s @ BDAC in October.  They’ll have scary movies, open mic night, Monster Musical Mash, October Artist Exhibit and member artist showcases throughout the month!  Find them on Facebook for all the spooky details.

Member cedesigns & Yarn Shoppe is hosting Runway Art in Motion at 7pm on November 15 at BAGA.  Tickets are $5 in advance and $8 at the door.  Call 471-2131 for more information.

Join Member Starion for free fall goodies and hot cider at our open house! Stop in and visit new and familiar faces at Starion’s South Bismarck location, Monday, October 22 from 3 – 6 p.m. Register to win prizes, and join the hosts of Ultimate Outdoor Adventures TV from 4 – 6 p.m. for expert tips and to see the latest in hunting gear.”

Please send all member business news and events to: kate@downtownbismarck.com.

Check the Downtown Business Association’s websites for updated news and events www.downtownbismarck.com or www.bismarckribfest.com.

Please forward this on to people interested in Downtown news!