October 17 Downtown News

Quiet Zone Moves Forward

Plan Takes Shapes

Next Steps in Progress

Tuesday October 8, the Bismarck City Commission unanimously moved forward on implementing the Quiet Rail Zone at Downtown crossings on 3rd Street, 5th Street, and 12th Street.  SRF, the consulting firm working on the project, provided their final plan to the commissioners for approval.  All three crossing will have a Four-Quadrant Gate system and extra pedestrian safety measures, reducing Bismarck’s accident rating by more than half.  The only modification to the plan involved adding a possible sidewalk at the 12th Street crossing where none exists today for pedestrian traffic across the tracks.  The cost of each crossing increased since 2010 and attempts to implement prior to that due to a delay in funding, mostly as a result of the Tax Increment Financing lawsuit against the city of Bismarck by business owner Erling Haugland in Haugland vs. City of Bismarck. Each crossing came in at just over a million dollars each. The City of Bismarck does have a small grant from the State of North Dakota for implementing the the Quiet Zone improvements.  Tentative financing for the Quiet Zone is still tied to the Tax Increment Financing fund contingent on the outcome of the last court appeal of Mr. Haugland’s.
The Next Steps: As with any multi-agency project, there are periods of notice and review by the railroad and the Federal Railway Authority.  The timeline for total completion is 12-18 months and fairly standard for Quiet Zone Projects.  Many of the commissioners mentioned how Quiet Rail Zones have been implemented in many of the larger cities in North Dakota, and how Bismarck’s Quiet Zone will open up more housing development and adjacent commercial building, along with give a much needed respite to residents, hospitals, businesses and hotels. SRF, who completed the Quiet Zone on the North and South lines in Downtown Fargo, will be back to the commission with bids and equipment updates.


Downtown Bismarck

News & Updates

-The Norma Apartments that were badly damaged by fire earlier this year, are looking to renovate.  Goldmark Properties has applied for the state Renaissance Zone program to repair and restore the nearly one hundred year old property.  Goldmark will update the units and common areas with modern functionality.  The proposed investment is just over $700,000 with the current building value at over $400,000.  This is considered an historically contributing building in the Downtown on 3rd Street and is comprised of 18 apartments.
Lucky Ducks Deli on 3rd Street is expanding.  Owners Russ and Heather Kadlec have gained approval from the Bismarck Renaissance Zone Authority and City Commission for a building expansion on a portion of their patio space to the south.  They hope to add a full liquor license and bar, as well as additional seating.  The expansion plans show a two-story addition.  Lucky Ducks Deli & Catering opening one year ago in October. The Renaissance Zone Application will now to the state for approval.
FireFlour Pizza is expanding into an adjacent store front space.  The pizzeria will be doubling it’s size from 900 to 1840 square feet when it encompasses Sandra Lee’s former space directly south of it’s existing location. FireFlour Pizza opened about 11 months ago on 5th St.  Their application now goes on to the state for approval.
-Construction continues on the Sixth and Thayer Parking Ramp.  Portions of off-street parking adjacent to the project along 6th Street and Thayer Ave have been closed.  Please consider using the parking ramps if off street parking is full
.–If you are considering a downtown development or renovation of a Downtown building, the CORE Incentive Programs are once again available through the City of Bismarck.  The CORE Programs currently active are Façade Improvements, Housing Incentive Grant, Technical Assistance Bank, and Sidewalk Subsurface Infill.  The programs are designed to encourage reinvestment, rehabilitation, and new development in the Downtown area.  For more information contact the Downtowners or Jason Tomanek at the City of Bismarck at 701-355-1849.
-– The Bismarck Parking Authority is offering free evening parking in the 3rd and Main Ramp from 4pm to 2am daily.  With continued activity and nightlife in Downtown Bismarck, the ramps allow the public to enjoy the city center and not have to search for street parking. *How the After Hour Complementary Parking Works: Use the entrance to the 3rd & Main Ramp on 3rd Street.  Pull into the ramp and pull a time stamped ticket.  The arm will raise and allow the car through to park.  When exiting the ramp, simply use the hourly lane and deposit your ticket in the slot, the arm will already be raised to allow the cars to exit. There is no leeway on timing.  If you enter at 3:59pm or exit at 2:01am, the customer will be charged the normal hourly rate.

Downtowners’ Association

Member News

You can find all our members information at www.downtownbismarck.com

Member Kittson will be donating a portion of their sales to the Bismarck Cancer Center to benefit cancer research, as well as a Ladies Night in celebration of their 1st Anniversary here in Bismarck from 5-8pm. Receive hair and make up tips fromMember Bombshell Salon, and enjoy a special performance by North Dakota duo, Tigirlily.  H’ors d’oeuvres, desserts, and refreshments will be served.
Member BLINK Eyewear will be having a trunk show on Tuesday October 22nd from 4-8 pm. They’ll have food,  cupcakes from Member Sweet Treats, drinks, and door prizes. 20% off prescription eyewear and 10% off non-prescription. Lines on display will be Dior, Jimmy Choo and Juicy Couture.

-Send your member news and events to Kate@downtownbismarck.com.


What’s Shakin’ Downtown?

Events Downtown

October 17-20
Dakota Stage Presents:
Who’s On First

October 19
Bis-Man Symphony Orchestra Presents:
“The Importance of Home” @ The Belle

October 25
Bismarck Parks & Rec
All City Halloween Party @ WW Memorial Bldg

October 26
Fraternal Order of Police hosts:
The Monster Dash 5K & 10K

October 29-30
3rd ND Downtown Conference
Downtown Bismarck

October 30
Dakota Stage Presents “Flashback Films”:
Ghostbusters rated PG

Nov 1-2
Dakota Stage “Live Stand Up Comedy”
Mike Merryfield