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Ultimate Guide to Parking in Downtown Bismarck

With new visitors coming to Downtown Bismarck daily, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to parking in Downtown Bismarck.
On-street parking is what most people consider their first option for parking Downtown.  Check for timed zones, usually they are 90-120 minutes.  Look for loading zones and short timed areas for popping in and out quickly.  Streets are not timed after 5pm and on weekends unless otherwise marked, possibly for loading.  Remember that there is a “No Reparking” ordinance that prohibits users from keeping their car parked on the same block-face after their time has expired.
Parking Ramps are a convenient and safe way to park for any period of time or days in Downtown Bismarck.  Three of the Downtown Ramps (Galleria, Parkade, and 3rd & Main) have hourly parking for visitors at $1/hour or $6/day.  The 3rd & Main Ramp is complimentary from 4pm-2am daily.   Workers Downtown utilize the ramps mostly during daytime hours and can purchase a monthly pass.  The ramps are secured and covered, shielding vehicles from the elements.  Rooftop and evening passes are also available. The new ramp at 6th Street is mostly monthly parkers with some event parking available to the public. Ask businesses Downtown if they validate for ramp parking. Click here to learn more about the ramps:
Parking lots seem like an easy option, but many of the lots in Downtown Bismarck are privately owned.  This means errant parking can lead to your car being towed.  Look for signage on public lots such as Public Health or City of Bismarck if there is a time public parking is allowed or prohibited. Most parking lots in Downtown Bismarck are signed with restrictions so it’s easy to tell.  Private parking extends to times beyond the owner’s operating hours, so be sure to keep an eye out for signs.  If there are no times listed on the signs, assume it’s a 24 hour restriction.
Other modes of getting Downtown are growing in popularity.  Biking, transit, and walking will become more important as Downtown density grows.  Click here to see what bus routes intersect with Downtown:

Association News

Fireflour Pizza is now serving Monday Night Suppersfrom 5-9 p.m. Dishes will be unique to the area. For more information and to find out what they will be serving in advance click:

Adopt a Planter and join the Downtowners in creating beautiful features in West Downtown Bismarck along Broadway Ave from 3rd Street to Washington.  Planters are $150 and the Downtowners/City will deliver your plant material, and coordinate a Spring Planting Day involving the media. Business fees go towards plant materials, including any replanting due to damage. Businesses will be responsible for watering/weeding and general daily maintenance. Recognition plaques will be placed in planters with adopted organization names. Applications will be mailed shortly or can be found here: 

Local Government and Community Access programscan now be viewed in full definition (HD) in the Bis-Man area on cable channels 602 and 612. The Government and Community Access channels are managed by Dakota Media Access and are available on the Midcontinent Communications cable system. Viewers can now watch programming in either HD or SD on cable, or on the website to watch live streams. Government meetings and most community programs are also archived, allowing viewers to search for and view on demand at

Downtown News

Bismarck Futures and Cardon Development Group are developing a new look for south 5th Street in Downtown Bismarck (Front Ave to Kirkwood Mall). The proposal would include reintegrating 4th Street south from Sweet Avenue, 5th Street reconfiguration, adding on-street parking around the development and widening sidewalks for a more pedestrian uses. Some of the buildings proposed for the development include a potential full-service hotel, apartments with retail on the ground floor and a parking ramp. The groups are still working with city officials and hope to break ground spring of 2016 if all goes as planned.

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