March 16th Downtown Bismarck News

City of Bismarck, Partnering Organizations, Kicking off March

Campaign Blitz for Better Bismarck Fundraising

BISMARCK, ND—The City of Bismarck is partnering with community organizations in

the month of March for a “Better Bismarck Blitz” to raise money that will help provide

resources for individuals who are experiencing chronic homelessness.

“Up to this point the Better Bismarck campaign has received about $13,000 in

donations. Our goal with the next phase of this project is to engage local businesses to make this campaign more visible in the community,” said Bismarck-Burleigh Public

Health Director Renae Moch.

An online toolkit is available to download at

Bismarck. This toolkit will assist community organizations with marketing and promotion of the campaign and contains a table topper that participating organizations can display.

These toppers contain a QR Code link to the Better Bismarck donation page, as well as a summary of the program. Also included in this toolkit are fundraising ideas businesses could implement with their staff.

“This toolkit puts the ball in the court of our community and gives them options for how we can make a Better Bismarck,” said Moch.

Better Bismarck addresses two root causes of crisis homelessness: addiction and

mental health disorders. This fundraising effort does not use taxpayer funds, and

donations made are tax-deductible.

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