Many Visions

One small vision of a hat pin for a music festival back in 2013 has blossomed into an internationally recognized visionary art collective. Many Visions is dedicated to creating high quality products for art lovers of all kinds. It is more than just our mission; It is our life’s purpose. We love what we do, but our dedication to our work runs deeper than just “love”. We believe our generosity in sharing ideas, thoughts, and emotions has made us the company that we are today.
Visionary art has great significance in our everyday lives. We like to reimagine select designs and put it into everyday items. Items like clothing, hat pins, camping gear, snowboards, there’s really nothing we can’t put our favorite works of art on to. Many Visions has worked with the likes of Jumbie, Johnathan Singer, Salvia Droid, Ben Ridgeway, Stephan Kruse, Allyson Gray, and Luke Brown, just to name a few.
Be sure to to join our Facebook group “Many Visions Alliance”. There you can keep in touch with all our product drops and special announcements.
And remember to Never Doubt Your Visions!

204 East Broadway Ave
Bismarck, ND 58501