What is KK BOLD?  Its an amalgamation of amplitude and audacity, bringing the experience and power of the Kranzler Kingsley advertising agency together with the meticulouly honed cutting-edge digital skills of its hitherto divided division K2 Interactive.  From the insatiable urge to make things whole sprang KK BOLD, an integrated marketing alloy whose mission is to go boldly into the realms of advertising, branding, interactive and media, blazing a trail that connects its clients with their customers both existing and yet to be discovered.

Random scream of aggression- rawr!

If you look deeper into KK BOLD, you’ll quickly see that a big honkin’ factor that puts the bold into KK BOLD are the wizards behind the curtain.  Wizards that eat, drink and breathe bold.  We’re talkin’ creativity- the kind that rattles people’s cages and yanks them out of their stupors.  We’re talkin’ strategy, where instead of bringing the clutter that most hide behind, we shatter the clutter, kick the clutter to the gutter and leave it twitching in the cold.

Of course, this is just a part of what makes us BOLD.

As for the rest, find out for yourself.

KK BOLD. Rawr.


505 E Main St

Bismarck ND 58501

(701) 255-3067


Service Provider: Advertising Agency, Media, Branding, Website Development, Social Media.