July 6th Downtown Bismarck News

Shops and Hops

Formerly known as Beers and Boutiques, the event is now Shops and Hops! Sample beers, ready to drink cocktails and seltzers selected by McQuade Distributing and the Downtowners on Thursday, August 3rd, 4 pm-8 pm. In addition to great drinks, which includes many limited seasonal varieties and new products, there will be downtown store sales and deals.

Make it to each location to win a GRAND PRIZE. You’ll check in at a designated location downtown to receive your Shops and Hops map.

Early bird tickets are $35, or you can purchase a $50 ticket and donate an additional $15 to the Bismarck Cancer Center!

Proceeds from the event support the Downtown Bismarck Community Foundation 501c3 and the Bismarck Cancer Center 501c3 nonprofits. Must be 21 to Participate.

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Downtown Prime Days

Like Amazon Prime Days, but better and local! Help us celebrate our local businesses by signing up your local business to participate in these two days full of awesome in-person and online sales or by participating as a customer.

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Events Happening In Downtown Bismarck

Health Equity Action Forum

NDSU Extension is hosting a Health Equity Action Forum from July 14th from 4-6 pm at the Bismarck Veterans Memorial Library. An Action Forum is a community meeting where action ideas from the Dialogue Circle process are shared with a wide variety of community members. This Action Forum will showcase two to three action ideas to improve health equity in the community and give community members to work on action ideas they are passionate about. There will be entertainment, food, and important conversation.

More questions? Contact Joy Giciro at joyce.giciro@ndsu.edu

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