January 4th Downtown Bismarck News

A Note From Your Downtowners Staff and Board:

Programs, initiatives and developments that our board, staff and membership have been working towards for years will see big moments in 2023.

Our first wave of over $40M in Downtown housing will be completed and residents will add to the vibrancy, economy, and workforce of Downtown Bismarck and the community at large. This has been a more than 5 year goal of your Downtowners organization. Partnerships with members, the city, private property owners, developers, and so many have brought this new chapter to our city center. A 7 day a week, 18 hour Downtown Bismarck.

Our Downtown Council will be launching a new fund, assisting with development of future projects. We’ve engaged a number of members to manage this fund in 2023 and look forward to assisting more Downtown growth.

The Downtowners Association will pursue new economic development partnerships in 2023. With proposals to leverage technology for new and existing businesses, A.I. for workforce fulfillment and a more collaborative community effort.

After 4 years, working with the City of Bismarck and Bismarck Police Department, we’ve been able to find a better way for folks to give with the Better Bismarck text to give campaign to assist those who may need help, but making sure those dollars go to the right places.

Your staff will be at the legislature working on a bill to allow Bismarck (and other cities like Watford City and Carrington) to reinstate an expired Renaissance Zone. Of over 60 communities, Bismarck is the only major North Dakota city without this economic development tool, despite the financial benefits the program has provided. Staff may be reaching back out to you all to support this important effort.

We’ll be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Downtowners’ Street Fair. An event that was created at a time when the downtown fortunes were down, but not out. And now 50 years on, this Downtown event continues to be Bismarck’s Biggest Reunion.

None of this work and progress happens without our members, supporters and volunteers. Much of this work can be slower than we hope, but we continue to knock dominoes over and set off a positive chain reaction.

Finally, we want to thank our board members and volunteers who serve their time for the benefit of the membership. And a special thank you to Madison Cermak for her eight years of work at the Downtowners Association as she moves on to new opportunities. 2023 will be a year of changes, excitement and progress.

Thank you for your continued support.

2022 Executive Committee

President: Steph Smith- Fleck’s Furniture & Appliance

Vice President: Anne Cleary- Hiccups/White Lace Bridal

Secretary: Suzann Sweeney- BNC National Bank

Treasurer: Dave Ehlis- Bravera Bank

2022 Directors

Taylor Daniel: Daniel Companies

Samantha Schwab: Bain Agency

Peter Pomonis: Co-Schedule

Jake Axtman: AGL Landscape Architects

Weston Dressler: Sanford Health

Rachel Gietzen: Bismarck Tire Center


Dawn Kopp- Chief Executive Officer (15 Years)

Kate Herzog- Chief Operating Officer (13 Years)

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