January 31 Downtown Bismarck News

Get Socially Plugged-In to Bismarck!

Bismarck Beacon “Plugged-In” Presented by Capital Credit Union “Grow With Us”
Socially On-board Into the Bismarck Community.
Purpose: We know new employees and those returning to the area are looking to “plug in” to Bismarck socially– but how? And where do you find all the information?
Bismarck Beacon “Plugged In” is a TedX-type event where multiple Bismarck organizations present opportunities for employees to socially ‘plug in’, including sports/recreation, arts, volunteering, family/kids events, and more! The purpose is for our community to help plug you in, making Bismarck your forever home!
Who should attend?
New & Newish Employees
HR and Recruiters
Community Leaders
Organizational Leaders

Breakfast: 8:30am-9am
Bismarck Beacon Plugged-In Event: 9am-10am
This is a FREE event, but please register so we have a count for food!

Lander Group East & West Housing Proposal
The Lander Group has been approved for Downtown Design Review, and has requested approval from the Renaissance Zone Authority for a new construction project on Avenue A and North 2nd Street and Avenue A North and 3rd Street north of the Federal Building.
The group has proposed four new multifamily residential structures at Lander West. Each structure would be a 5-plex with three stories, and three of the structures would also contain an additional carriage house unit. A total of 23 residential units with a proposed investment of $2,560,000. Off-street parking would be provided on site.
The Lander Group is also proposing to construct a new 4-story multifamily residential building on East Avenue A and North 3rd Street. The ground-floor parking lot would be accessed from the driveway on North 2nd Street. Parking for Lander East would be provided onsite tucked on the north side of the first floor. A total of 67 housing units would be constructed on the Lander East site with a proposed investment of $9,150,000.
Downtown Design Review approved both Lander Group projects on the condition that variances would need to be approved by the Board of Adjustment.  Property owners in the vicinity will be notified by mail of the next public hearing for the Renaissance Zone applications in February.

Renaissance Zone Application


Downtowners Elect New Board
At the 2020 Downtowners Annual Meeting, one new board member was elected and one outgoing board member was thanked.  Amber Bernhardt served on the board of directors for numerous years starting as a director and then secretary. Thanks Amber!
New board member elected to the board of directors include: Samantha Schwab GM of the Radisson Hotel Bismarck. Bobi Jo O’ Dell of Magi-Touch Carpet One was also elected to the executive team as secretary.  Please take the time to thank these members for serving the Downtowners Association and volunteering their time and talents.

2020 Executive Committee

President: Steph Smith- Fleck’s Furniture & Appliance

Vice President: Troy Tieszen- Known in 60 Media

Secretary: Bobi Jo O’Dell- Magi-Touch Carpet One

Treasurer: Dave Ehlis- American Bancor

2020 Directors
J. Morgan Legreid: Co-Schedule

Cole Johnson: Sanford

Bobi Jo O’Dell: Magi-Touch

Anne Cleary: White Lace Bridal/Hiccups

Taylor Daniel: Daniel Companies

Josh Ulmer: BNC National Bank

Samantha Schwab: Radisson Hotel Bismarck

Downtown Events
Jan 16
Failing Successfully- BisMan YP 
Broadway Grill & Tavern

Jan 17
Partner Yoga/Acro
Soul Haven Studio

Jan 19
Boutique Blowout Brunch Event 
Sixteen03 Main Events

Jan 22
1 Million Cups
Dakota Stage Ltd.

Jan 23
Trivia: Saturday Morning Cartoon (80’s & 90’s)
The CraftCade

Jan 25
1964 The Tribute
Belle Mehus Auditorium

Jan 26
Winter Flea Market
Sixteen03 Main Events

Jan 29
Golden Girls Trivia
The Starving Rooster