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January 19, 2012

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On-Street Parking Ordinance Changes

Proposed changes intended to free up more customer parking…

Many may have wondered whyBismarckdoesn’t have paid parking meters on the streets.  State law has deemed it illegal.  This creates a unique on-street parking challenge inNorth Dakota’s dense Downtown areas.  For many years, there has been an on-street parking ordinance inBismarckthat requires a person to move their car 1,200 ft after their time has expired.  This however did not mean that the vehicle had to move 1,200 ft from their original spot, only that the car had to travel that distance and was free to park again in the spot they had just vacated.

The proposed changes to the ordinance will require the person to move their vehicle from the entire block face and prohibit them from “re-parking” there for four hours.  Bismarck Police initiated proposed changes to the parking ordinance after having many complaints from Downtown Businesses about Downtown employees parking in front of their businesses for extended periods of time, making it hard for their customers to easily access their services. This ordinance change mirrors a similar ordinance in Downtown Fargo that police have implemented to curb “re-parking”. In this period of increased excitement and traffic in Downtown Bismarck, parking changes are bound to arise to meet the needs.  The new changes would only affect timed areas from 8am-5pm. If the City Commission passes the changes, please let your customers know to look for the changes this winter/spring.  If you are an employee looking for off street parking, please contact the Bismarck Parking Authority for space in the 3rd & Main Ramp:  www.bismarckparkingauthority.com.  The intent of this ordinance is to provide more customer and public on-street parking to enjoy our historic Downtown district.

Downtowners Elect New Board Members for 2012

DowntownBismarckis experiencing great growth and energy.  Leading the Downtowners’ Association through these exciting times is a board of member volunteers for 2012.  Board elections were held at the Annual Meeting Wednesday January 11.  The board is elected by the 165 organization members of the Downtowners either by proxy or voting at the Annual Meeting.  We thank them deeply for volunteering to serve our organization and the Downtown area!

Election Results for Executive Committee:

President:  Dale Zimmerman- Peacock Alley American Bar & Grill

Secretary: Kristy Rempher- BNC Bank

Past President Chair: Scott Volkert- Mandan Finder/Bismarck Tribune

(VP and Treasurer will be filled among the Board of Directors)

Election Results for Board Directors:

Jonathan Holth- The Toasted Frog


Blake Preszler- J2 Studio Architecture + Design

Justin Walsh- Todaymade

Chuck Watson- Sam’s Club

Returning or Remaining Directors:

Jeff Japel-New YorkLife

Amber Bernhardt- Dakota Stage Theater

Shawn McKenna- Cumulus Broadcasting

Brett Gurholt- Kadrmas, Lee & Jackson

Completed Terms:

Dina Baird- Latitudes Gallery

Jeff Moser- DTS Enterprises

James Devine- J2 Studio Architecture + Design

Downtown Updates

-The proposed changes to the on-street parking ordinance will have a public hearing on January 24 at the Bismarck City Commission meeting.  The potential new language will reflect new ticketing and monitoring systems and will be similar toFargo’s policy of re-parking in the same area.  If you are interested in speaking at the public meeting, they begin at 5:15pm in the Tom Baker room of the City/County Building. Or can be viewed on Dakota Media Access’ channel and website.


-Snowflake lights and banners are up, please take caution if you are in a delivery truck.  If you accidentally hit one, please report it to our office or the city and we can get it taken care of.  Thanks!

-Anyone interested in spaces for purchase or lease downtown can check out our website’s Real Estate Section. www.downtownbismarck.com.

Upcoming events

What’s Shakin Downtown

January 24-26

33rd Energy Generation Conference

BismarckCivic Center


January 26-Feb 5

Dakota Stage Presents:One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest


January 29

“I Do” Bridal Show

BismarckCivic Center



Downtowners’ Association News

Organization and member news …

Welcome to Our Newest Members!

Find all of their information on our website !


Edward Jones –Member Agent Jessica Weisz


Property Owner: B & R Investments

2012 Downtowners Membership Renewals were sent out in December, be on the look out for yours!

The 39th Annual Downtowners Street Fair vendor applications will also be sent out in January.  Those would participated in last years Street Fair will receive 2012 applications. If you’d like one, please email getit@downtownbismarck.com.

The Afterschool Place is now officially signed up as a 4H club and have leased community gardening space for this spring, summer and fall for the kids to grow urban alternative crops. They’ll be sold at our first ever Afterschool Farmers Market. Funds raised from our gardening endeavors will be reinvested in more student sized equipment, seed and training in Sustainable Agriculture practices.

AARC Holding Valentine’s Day Dinner Benefit Feb 10, call 222-8370.

Please send all member business news and events to: kate@downtownbismarck.com.  Check the Downtown Business Association’s websites for updated news and events www.downtownbismarck.com or www.bismarckribfest.com.

Please forward this on to people interested in Downtown news!