Holiday Window Ballot 2013

Hello Downtowners!  Please vote for your top 3 favorite Downtown Bismarck holiday windows by clicking here!  You’ll get to see all the windows submitted, then vote on a ballot!  Remember, members only please.  Thanks for submitting!  Holiday Window Ballot 2013 Pictures

(1). To vote you must work for a member business of Downtowners Association. View the Holiday Window Ballot 2013 Pictures above.
(2). Voting. You must include your full name and organization
(3). Please pick your 3 favorite window displays.
(4.) Voting closes Monday December 30 at 5pm.
Your top three overall winners will receive Downtown dollars,
as well as a critic’s choice decided by a special secret judge!  A link to vote will be on the last page of the ballot!  Happy Holidays!