February 27 Downtown News

Broadway Grill & Tavern Opens

A new restaurant in West Downtown has opened.  Broadway Grill & Tavern, located in the new Broadway Centre development on Broadway & 1st Street, opened February 5 to the public.  The restaurant has a lounge, dining area, private room, and patio for the warmer months.  Menu items include a variety of cuisines for both lunch and dinner, as well as a bar menu.
Broadway Grill & Tavern is one a handful of businesses that are starting build out or have moved into the Broadway Centre development, one of the largest investments in Downtown in decades.  Law firm Crowley Fleck has also moved into a larger space in the building, with a few more committed or working on interior construction.  Condo units on the top floor are also for sale and in the construction phase.  For more on Broadway Centre or Broadway Grill & Tavern, visit www.broadwaycentre.net.

Downtown News & Updates

The City of Bismarck has continued to move forward concerning the Quiet Rail Zone with BNSF.  City Traffic Engineer Mark Berg, along with Quiet Rail consultants SRF held a public open house on Feb 13.  Visual displays of the crossing’s future safety enhancements and Q&A with SRF and city staff were positive.  On Feb 25, the Bismarck City Commission unanimously approved a contract with BNSF for the construction of the Quiet Rail crossings at 3rd, 5th, and 12th Streets.  The timeline now falls to BNSF to complete the work, which could be 12-15 months.

The City of Bismarck approved an ordinance text amendment for the demolition of buildings in the Downtown Core and Downtown Fringe zoning districts.  The changes require property owners to obtain a special use permit to demolition a building in those zones for a surface parking lot or to remove a ‘historically significant’ building.  This does not mean that a property owner cannot demolition a building Downtown, rather it requires them to provide documentation of the future site prior to demolition.  Bismarck Parking Task Force and Bismarck Parking Authority members could work individually with property owners to help with solutions for parking shortages in lieu of demolition for surface parking as a first step.

Downtowners Association News

Winter Decorations will be coming down from the light poles at the beginning of March.  If you’ve seen a damaged pole or found missing banners, please let our office know. Thanks!

You can find all our member businesses information at www.downtownbismarck.com.

Downtown Revitalization Programs

If you are considering a downtown development or renovation of a Downtown building, the CORE Incentive Programs are once again available through the City of Bismarck.  The CORE Programs currently active are Façade Improvements, Housing Incentive Grant, Technical Assistance Bank, and Sidewalk Subsurface Infill.  The programs are designed to encourage reinvestment, rehabilitation, and new development in the Downtown area.  For more information contact the Downtowners or Jason Tomanek at the City of Bismarck at 701-355-1849.

Free Evening Parking, 3rd & Main

The Bismarck Parking Authority is offering free evening parking in the 3rd and Main Ramp from 4pm to 2am daily.  With continued activity and nightlife in Downtown Bismarck, the ramps allow the public to enjoy the city center and not have to search for street parking.

Downtown Events

Upcoming Events
March 1 @ Former Governor’s Mansion
March 6-8 @ Library
March 7-8 @ Belle Mehus
March 7 @ Bis. County Club
March 14-16 @ Civic Center

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Downtowners Association of Bismarck