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February 16, 2012

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Downtown Residential Living

Trends and Demographics Point to Large Residential Demand

Every week in this office we get the same call.  “I want to live Downtown, what’s available?”  Great question.  Trending and demographics for market-rate housing Downtown is huge.  Consider this; the two largest populations in American history are the Baby Boomers (born between 1946-1964) and the Generation Y/Millenials (born roughly after the late 1970s-1980).  These generations together represent nearly 150 million Americans, or half of our country’s current population.  And guess where the majority of them want to live?  Downtowns.  61% of surveyed Americans want to live in “Smart Growth” communities versus sprawl communities of the post WWII development pattern.  “Smart Growth” communities are walkable, mixed use developed neighborhoods.  30-40% want to live in walkable, mixed use, urban neighborhoods, but only 5-20% of housing in the country fits that description.  With these two huge generations driving this increased need for market-rate housing Downtown, and developments are not keeping up with the demand.  Baby Boomers, many of whom are empty nesters, are looking at downsizing their housing, but staying active and engaged in the community.  With a dramatic drop in the number of households with children under the age of 18, its lowest level since 1950, small residential options Downtown represent a market growing exponentially.

Millennials and the Creative Class, Millennials are also looking for smaller dwellings in community oriented Downtown areas.  One phrase that really represents this generation is how they choose a residence.  Millennials choose WHERE they want to live and then find a job, the opposite of former generations.  And where they overwhelmingly want to live is in a walkable urban center, close to public transit, in smaller more energy efficient homes.

Developers who start accommodating this huge trend inBismarckand elsewhere could be reaping the rewards almost immediately.  As areas outsideNorth Dakotasuffer budget short falls and terrible single family housing markets, they will look toward Downtown development as a fiscally responsible plan for growth.

And…it’s cool to live Downtown again.


Downtown Updates

— A new bakery is moving into the former Patisserie on Fourth location on 4th and near Broadway.  Renovations are still underway at “Sweet Treats”, but the bakery will have all kinds of tasty treats, as well as breakfast, lunch and coffee.  For a little sneak peak, follow this link.

“Sweet Treats” Sneak Peek

— JL Beers has formally applied for a project to the Bismarck Renaissance Zone Authority.  The application will be discussed and acted on at the RZA February meeting.  JL Beers is a burger and beer restaurant with locations in Downtown Fargo, West Fargo, Moorhead, and Grand Forks, with locations in Sioux Fallsand Bismarckin the works. They have purchased the former Bain Agency building on 3rd Street in Downtown Bismarck and have acquired their liquor license.  Steve and Carla Pine are also scheduled to be on the agenda for Broadway Centre lease projects.

— The Bismarck Police Department is no longer marking tires with chalk as a monitoring system for timed parking.  Instead they will use a handheld computer that will track the vehicles more accurately.  Please let your customers or employees know of the new system.

— With all the curiosity around the new construction projects in Downtown Bismarck, we have added updated renderings of Rick Becker’s project onMain Aveand Broadway Centre on West Broadway, click here to see them!

Updated Drawings of Projects

Upcoming events

What’s Shakin Downtown

Feb 10-March 2

Bis. Downtown Artist Co-op

Love Me, Love Me Not Exhibit

222 N 4th St


Feb 14-23

Adult Theater Classes

Dakota Stage Theatre



Feb 17

Dixieland Jazz- Mardi Gras




Feb 18

Junior Achievment- Monopoly

MandanHigh School



Feb 24-25

Northern Plains Dance-

Going for Baroque



Feb 24-26

Bis. Tribune’s Sports Show

BismarckCivic Center



Downtowners’ Association News

Organization and member news …

Welcome to Our Newest Member!

Find all of their information on our website!


 Ole & Otto’s Wood Grilled Foods

2012 Downtowners Membership Renewals were sent out in December and the month of your renewal, be on the look out for yours!

The 39th Annual Downtowners Street Fair vendor applications were also be sent out in January. Those who participated in last years Street Fair will receive 2012 applications. Or you can download them at: www.downtownbismarck.com.

The Afterschool Place is now officially signed up as a 4H club and have leased community gardening space for this spring, summer and fall for the kids to grow urban alternative crops. They’ll be sold at our first ever Afterschool Farmers Market. Funds raised from our gardening endeavors will be reinvested in more student sized equipment, seed and training in Sustainable Agriculture practices.

The Bismarck Mandan Symphony was awarded a very competitive grant for $10,000!  Congratulations, to learn more about their plans for the grant, click here!  Bis-Man Symphony Grant

Please send all member business news and events to: kate@downtownbismarck.com.

Check the Downtown Business Association’s websites for updated news and events www.downtownbismarck.com or www.bismarckribfest.com.

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