February 10th Downtown Bismarck News

Creating An 18 Hour, Daily Downtown

Creating Downtown Housing in Bismarck has been a top priority for our Downtown Council and Downtowners Association. And we are proud to say that nearly $40M in housing developments are in various stages of completion. That represents at 60% increase in total overall Downtown housing units.

You might ask, why is housing so important to Downtown Bismarck?

Residents statistically spend money near their homes. Employees also spend near their workplace. It might be grabbing a bite to eat, purchasing a gift, getting a haircut or snagging a quick workout. Residents also tend to occupy what usually are slower times of the day and days of the week in an employment-heavy downtown, particularly evenings and weekends when day workers may have gone home. Residents also create a safer environment in a downtown due to the “eyes on the street” concept. Safety in numbers essentially.

A unique benefit of Downtown housing is providing the community with living options for people with limited mobility. Folks who don’t or can’t drive or choose not to own vehicles can still accomplish most of their daily needs in Downtown Bismarck. Medical appointments, social experiences, banking, retail options, services, employment and more. And with grocery delivery options plentiful, living downtown is a great option.

Your staff have been taking employers through these housing developments and we’ll be hosting more tours for the entire membership soon!

This is truly a game changer for Downtown Bismarck and the community at large. Thank you to everyone for their support, expertise and encouragement. More to come in 2023!

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