April 3 Downtown News

Ramping it Up

A new parking ramp being constructed on the site of the former Carnegie Library is on schedule for a late summer or early fall opening.  Nearly 500 spaces will be added to Downtown Parking on five levels in the garage.  J2 Studio designed the ramp, making architectural references back to the former Carnegie Library that once occupied this same corner at 6th and Thayer, with large arched windows. Contact the Bismarck Parking Authority for more information on the new parking ramp.

Civic Center Expansion On Schedule

Work on the Bismarck Civic Center Convention Expansion is on schedule to be usable by the May Williston Basin Petroleum Conference, one of area’s largest gatherings.  Staff at the Bismarck Civic Center said while the full build-out with finishes will likely be done by late Fall 2014, the expansion team has worked with organizers of the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference to have usable exhibition space ready to go.  For the latest updates and construction photos, visit www.bismarckciviccenter.org/construction.

Downtown Bismarck News

The ND Supreme Court has again ruled in favor of the City of Bismarck regarding their use of Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Funds.  This latest judgement represents a second appeal by Erling Haugland, who originated the lawsuit in April of 2010, arguing the use of TIF for Urban Renewal Projects.  A question was sent back to the lower court regarding a 1994 addition to the zone by the City of Bismarck.  Haugland has received multiple unfavorable judgments during the course of the lawsuit lasting fours years.  Increased construction costs and delays while the city awaited the outcome of the suit and Haugland’s appeals are totaled in the millions, the bulk coming from delays on a new parking ramp and installation of the Quiet Rail Zone.

Association News

Memeber Impact Gallery & Gifts is celebrating 20 years in Downtown Bismarck with events and door prizes all year long.  Stop in say congrats, on the corner of 4th and Broadway.
Member Kittson, a boutique on 4th Street, has reopened after a brief remodel in their store. Be sure to see the new additions and changes at 117 N 4th St.
Member Branded Envy will be having an Open House Thursday April 3 from 4-8pm.  Join them for refreshments and door prizes at 716 E Bowen Ave.

You can find all our members information at www.downtownbismarck.com.

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