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Madison Headshot 2015

Downtowners Hire Cermak

The Downtowners Association of Bismarck have hired Madison Cermak as their new Special Projects Coordinator.  Cermak will take coordinating roles on Downtowners Association projects and events, including new Downtown retail events coming up in 2015. Cermak, a Bismarck native, has recently completed her internship at the Downtowners Association and will move into the new role in April. She is a recent… Read more →


April 16 Downtown News

OTA Coming To Bismarck North DakOTA, MinnesOTA, and South DakOTA have cultures of hard work and perseverance (and hotdish).  But there is an emerging population of people from this OTA region called the “Creative Class”.  These are the change-makers, entrepreneurs, and people that bleed localism.  Showcasing and connecting these people is what the OTA15 Event is all about, inspiring more… Read more →

Dakota Digital Film Festival Poster

April 2 Downtown News

Dakota Digital Film Festival Tickets for the Dakota Digital Film Festival set for Friday April 10 are now on sale.  This relatively new festival in Bismarck has made a big splash in the community, growing the event and adding another layer of art appreciation.  The DDFF event format includes student submissions during the day, an evening schedule of submitted short… Read more →


March 19 Downtown News

Ultimate Guide to Parking in Downtown Bismarck With new visitors coming to Downtown Bismarck daily, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to parking in Downtown Bismarck. On-street parking is what most people consider their first option for parking Downtown.  Check for timed zones, usually they are 90-120 minutes.  Look for loading zones and short timed areas for popping in and… Read more →

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